• Dysprosium Oxide

    Dysprosium Oxide

    Characters:white powder, light hygroscopic, able to pick up moisture and carbon dioxide from air. Application: mainly used in atomic energy industry and as the control r...

  • Bismuth Oxide

    Bismuth Oxide

    Characters: yellow powder; soluble in acid, insoluble in water. Application: spectral analysis reagent, high purity analytical reagent, varistor, thermistor, zinc oxide ...

  • Holmium Oxide

    Holmium Oxide

    Characters:light yellow crystalline powder, isometric systematic scandium oxide structure. Insoluble in water ,soluble in acids , easy to pick up moisture and carbon diox...

  • Tantalum Oxide

    Tantalum Oxide

    Characters: white powder, insoluble in water and acid,soluble in the molten potassium hydrogen sulfate and hydrofluoric acid. Application: raw material of tantalum, as t...

  • Lanthanum Carbonate

    Lanthanum Carbonate

    Characters:white powder Application: used in lanthanum compounds,catalyst and additives of PVC

  • Niobium Oxide

    Niobium Oxide

    Characters: white powder. Turn to yellow when heated, insoluble in water. Application: raw material of niobium, also used in optical glass and electronics industry.